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He then gave the toy a contemptuous side-eye as they twinkled on his head.I am definitely against using any kind of really hard substance to chew on, especially antlers and bones.Welcome to North Idaho Antler Dogs, where I specialize in training Labrador Retrievers to hunt antler sheds.For choosey dogs or dogs new to antler chews, browns, sliced antler or the fuzzy antler all make good starter dog chews, but at a bit higher cost.This generally involves the dog working out at about 25 to 50 yards.While the popularity has recently grown, dogs have been chewing antlers likely since they became domesticated animals.

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Elk are typically much larger than deer, so their antlers are bigger and more durable as a dog chew.Antlers and Other Dog Chews Antlers and other dog chews are gaining popularity as consumers seek a variety of long-lasting chews.Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search.

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The antler outside is a hard calcium, phosphorous and magnesium shell found almost exactly in the same ratio and in a bio-available form that active dogs need and crave.Here are a few tips to help your dog to enjoy the antler chew and keep him or her safe.The Labrador Site investigates the controversy over antler chews.Antlers only grow on male species, because they are used to fight off other males to show leadership or to defend a mate.Whole antlers last longer than center-cut antlers (cut in half with marrow exposed).Crooked Creek Antlers, has been providing high quality all natural shed antler dog chews to pet stores across the United States since 2009.

As is explained later, antlers are very hard, and tooth damage is a very real risk.With time most dogs can graduate to the more economical whites or even the super economical cracked whites.

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I went ahead and dug even deeper into the antler for dogs market and found many different sizes and variations including deer antlers for dogs, elk antlers for dogs, reindeer antlers for dogs, and moose antlers for dogs.Some dogs are hard-core chewers and never recover from the puppy stage chewing.Elk Velvet Antler for dogs and cats is an all-natural, whole food joint supplement that contains the nutrients most respected for joint health and pain reduction.

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Missouri Man Breeds Dogs to Hunt Deer Antlers Missouri dog-breeder Roger Sigler works to train dogs to hunt deer antlers that have been shed during winter and spring months.The five-month-old dog is well on the way to being a successful hunting companion for those who enjoy finding shed antlers.

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Antler is bone, but unlike skeletal bones that primarily have a soft center, antler is solid bone thereby making it virtually impossible for your dog to break.Edited to add: While antlers can be an excellent, long-lasting chew choice for many dogs, it is important to note that we do not recommend them across-the-board for all dogs.

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The terms horns and antlers are often used interchangeably, but in reality, they refer to quite different structures.

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It is easy to do regular cleanings on antlers when they get dusty and dirty.However, some dogs are especially susceptible to harm or injury due to age.As a bonus, the antler core is essentially a high power form of bone marrow (meat) supercharged with red blood cells and super nutrients that promote healing and growth.Using Moose Antlers as dog chews for your canine companion offers many advantages over other dog chews.

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